What Are the 23 Things?

We're glad you asked! The links will take you to the details and activities for that Thing.

Please read the entire Thing so you understand the activities. Then dive head first into the activities.

Getting Started
Thing 1 – Set up your own blog, add your first post and you’re off. Begin exploring the Web 2.0 world.

What is Web 2.0 and Why Should I Care
Thing 2 - Read and watch a variety of perspectives on Web 2.0 and Library 2.0. Share your thoughts.

Bring the News to You
Thing 3 – With so many online news sources, how do you find the ones that relate to you? Learn about blog search tools.

Thing 4 – Concerned about how you’ll keep up with everything? Learn about RSS and news feeds and set up your own RSS account. Locate several blogs and/or news feeds of interest and add them to your reader.

Photosharing and Editing
Thing 5 – Explore flickr and learn about this popular image hosting site.
Thing 6 – There’s more fun to be had with flickr. Discover other services and mash-ups that let you play with your images.
Thing 7 – Play around with online image generators.

Thing 8 – Web 2.0 tools make communicating easy. Consider how your library could integrate these tools into your services.
Thing 9 – Share slide decks, photos, or presentations on your blog (or website) with these tools.

Social Media
Thing 10 – Learn about tagging and social bookmarking using
Thing 11 – Major publications allow readers to rate and recommend their content to others via social media sites.

Thing 12 – Learn about wikis and other document collaboration tools and how libraries are using them. See how easy it is to add something to a wiki.
Thing 13 – Check out Library Thing and see how your library might use it.

Online Applications & Tools
Thing 14 – Learn about a variety of online productivity tools and see what you think.
Thing 15 – Roll your own, search that is. Try Rollyo and see if it could be a time saver in your library.

Video and Podcasts
Thing 16 – Discover YouTube and other sites that let you view and upload video.
Thing 17 – Explore podcasts and learn how easy it could be to create one of your own.

Social Networking
Thing 18 – Facebook and MySpace are getting lots of attention. Learn what all the fuss is about and how libraries are using these tools to communicate with their communities.
Thing 19 – Facebook and MySpace may be popular but explore some of the other options for social networking, including WebJunction, Ning, Gather, etc.

Library Things
Thing 20 – Books 2.0 With all the emphasis on online tools for learning and socializing in the library, what has happened to the book?
Thing 21 – Student 2.0 Media specialists, academic librarians, and public librarians can help their students become more efficient in their research with the Assignment Calculator and the Research Project Calculator.

Staying Current
Thing 22 – You’ve learned a lot and now you have a better understanding of how Web 2.0 tools continue to change. How are you going to continue to keep up and learn?

One Last Thing
Thing 23 – Complete the 23 Things @ NEFLIN online evaluation and blog about your experience.

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