Thing 15: Rollyo

Do you have a group of websites that are your favorites? Or a set of online resources that are similar that you frequently use to answer homework or reference questions? Well Rollyo may be the tool for you. Rollyo allows you to create your own search tool for the websites you know and trust.

Take a look at some of these search rolls that have already been created:

Public Domain e-Books Search
Rare Book Library Search
Quick Quotes
Explore other rolls here.

Try a search for broad terms like "homework” or “history” to see results listed from multiple sites.
  1. Explore Rollyo and create an account for yourself.
  2. Create a search roll for any subject you like.
  3. Add a link to your search roll in your blog.
Your Search, Your Way

Blog Prompts
Can you see a potential use for Rollyo in your library?

CHALLENGE (optional):
Add your searchroll to your blog using the "Create a Searchbox" tool.

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