Welcome to 23 Things @ NEFLIN

The original "23 Things @ NEFLIN" program ran from January 15 - April 15, 2009. If you are interested in doing the program be our guest.

On the right hand side at the top you will see a few links. Read these before beginning!

The FAQ link explained the original program, but is helpful to understand how you would do this yourself.

The 23 Things link is your list of doing the 23 Things, one by one.

Participating members will take you to blogs of those who participated in the original program. Take a look at some of these to see what other library staff did.

Please do not contact NEFLIN with questions about the program, or links that have gone bad, etc. We have just left this up to allow others to do the program on their own time and schedule.

Most importantly, have fun!