Instant Message (IM) With Us - OPTIONAL

We have added something new to the 23 Things Blog. You now see a Meebo chat box on the right side of the page.

If you want to try Instant Messaging (Thing 8) in a safe can try it out with us. Jennifer and I will be monitoring the Meebo account and would love to practice Instant Messaging with you! If you see that one of us is "online" then just type something in the chat box and press Enter.

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Cruicin’ Thru Life said...

Already did and left my "comments" under the wrong heading before... d'oh! I'll try again here!

I just Meebo'd for the first time today and it was like any other IM/real time chat. Real-time chat becomes important as patrons and students get more used to having information come to them in text message type format. We already use similar technology in our statewide Ask-A-Librarian service!

Meebo was very easy to use, but the best part (like someone previously mentioned about AIM) is that I did not have to register for it. YAY!

Even better, I could chat anonymously as a guest... ;-)